Monthly Archives: May 2017

A 5-Frame Game for my Pre-K to Grade 2 Students

My students have been working on solidifying their understanding of the their number sense and benchmark 5 and 10.
I came across this game which does not need to be downloaded.  Students can access and play the game from the website.  The game can be accessed at NCTM 5 Frame. 
I am keeping this link in the bookmarks tab, which my students know how to use, but I try to keep it clean of clutter.  I only put bookmarks that I want the students to be accessing that week to support what we are covering, and perhaps some select sites for review.
The only problem is keeping it up-to-date and relevant!  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to organize and make accessible the links that I want students to be able to access?  I’m open to suggestions!

Happy Learning!