Ontario Teachers: Get your Hands on the Best Books on Teaching… for Free!

In preparation for an in-service workshop I am running, I wanted to get my hands on Dr. Smalls book Big Ideas from Dr. Small.  I didn’t want to purchase it, but I didn’t know anyone who owned them.

Then I remembered seeing a link for the Margaret Wilson Library in email and other correspondence with the Ontario College of Teachers, and some vague recollection that members could borrow books for free.

I decided I would give the service a try and crossed my fingers that they had the book I was looking for.  They did!  Here is how the service works:

First, a search for the book using the online catalogue.

Finding the book using the online catalogue was easy as pie!  I found the book and “checked it out”.  I had it delivered to my home, but you can have it delivered to your school if you prefer.

A couple of days later the book arrives in the mail!

It arrived quickly!  It took only a couple of days.  Set aside the mailing label that is tucked inside, and be sure to keep the packaging.  You will need to use that to mail it back.  Inside is also a bookmark with the due date marked on it.

When you are ready to send it back, prepare the pre-paid mailing label.

The mailing label needs to be cut to size to fit properly onto the label.  Just cut along the dotted lines.  Make sure you keep the other half though; it contains the tracking number for your package.

Cut off the mailing label. Save the other half; it has your tracking number.
Put the mailing label inside the clear plastic envelope.
Peel off the backing and affix it to the front of the mailing envelope.
Peel the backing from the flap and secure the envelope closed.

Put it in the post.

Voila!  It was super easy.

If you are not finished with the book yet, you can check it out again online provided no one else has requested it.

Now that I know I can get books so quickly and easily from Margaret Wilson Library, my only problem is finding time to read them!

Happy Learning!

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