My Beliefs

All children are capable of learning and thriving in the right environment, and with the right support.

Effective, timely, and meaningful assessment are keys to successful learning.

Successful teaching is most likely when it is the result of a collaborative effort between home and school.  It also requires collaboration between teacher colleagues.

Learning takes place when the student is engaged and interested, and when their work is relevant and engaging, and when they are stake-holders, and have a vested interest in their own success, and make choices.

My priority is to serve and act in the best interest of the students in my care.

I believe the best way to teach is to allow children to take responsibility for their own learning.

Effective assessment requires a flexible approach that allows learners to make their learning and their thinking visible in a variety of ways.  It is fair, and relevant, and meaningful.

I believe that if students are apparently unable to learn, we have to assume we have yet to find the right way to teach them.

I understand that learning does not happen on a continuum, but rather development occurs when needs are met over time, and time not chosen by the teacher.

Learning is not something that happens to a child, it happens within a child.  It must be cultivated, and supported, and be given different care and support at different times.  And it does not always happen on our time line, but rather unfolds at a pace that is right for the child.

I believe that great teachers are made, not born.  My best teaching is yet to come, because I am a first and fore-most a learner.

It is my responsibility to learn with and from other teachers, and share my knowledge and experiences freely and willingly.

All decisions are rooted in these beliefs.

(Successful Teaching.  Successful Learning.  Effective Assessment.)

(My Vision.  My Professional Goals)